Ethory Engine

10/18/2016: I have decided not to worry about site design. Web features will added on demand.

I am working on sphere triangulation now. Test map is accurate up to 4 kilometers (about 2.5 miles) and takes about 2GB space. I am going to simulate geoid up to 1 meter using pseudorandom methods. I write rarely because I have another activities in my life. The next update with sumulated planet will posted in few months.

9/9/2016: News on Ethory.

The engine will support entire planets, dynamic surface loading based on triangulated sphere. Surface, flora and fauna will being generated by a set of rules which are similar with the nature rules. Of source, custom areas will be supported. In an edge case the whole planet can be custom, if it is possible by design and reality.

I am going to publish news and few articles later. I need to update the site design and the content at the same time to make the site more readable than one unstyled page. Both design without content and content without design don't make sense. The site will be refactored by the end of the year.

5/10/2015: I have to write a little more in order for search engines to index this page.

I am going to use following: The rest of the engine major components are going to be implemented on my own. Also, I think it will be possible to implement physics only with hardware acceleration. At some point Bullet physics will be replaced with my own library. For now, that is all I have to tell you.

5/5/2015: Ethory is open source game engine for the Linux® systems. I hope it will have been released.

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